Video evaluation with personal coaching


Video coaching includes a detailed analysis of your video, advise specific to your situation and a follow-up to make sure you get your results. Scroll down for a detailed description.



One video consult includes a personal evaluation of your ‘before’ and  your ‘after’ video of the behaviour you want to improve.

Send a short video (max 7 minutes) of where you are stuck in your in training and I will evaluate your video. During our Skype call I give you very specific ways to improve your training and I will teach you how you can avoid these personal pitfalls, so you can train more effectively.

Two weeks after the first evaluation you send in your ‘after’ video and you get your second evaluation. Two sessions for almost the same price as one!

Usually one video consult is sufficient to improve a behaviour tremendously.

Benefits of video coaching

  • Tailored help for you and your horse
  • Improved relationship with your horse
  • One on one help via Skype from an expert
  • You are the one that gets the experience, not the instructor
  • An experienced accountability partner that helps you achieve your goals
  • Practise/train/ride your horse at times when it suits you
  • No travel costs

Online training consult includes:

  • Intake session over Skype (30-45 min)
  • A detailed evaluation of your ‘before’ and your ‘after’ videos
  • Personal positive reinforcement advise for you and your horse

After the video coaching you can enroll into HippoLogic’s Accountability Partner Program where I will be your personal accountability partner.

If you have done your homework and the behaviour has not improved at all, I will give a 50% discount to an additional video coaching session for the same behaviour.

3 reviews for Video evaluation with personal coaching

  1. Ingrid and her horse Jet
    Before I met Sandra I had a huge problem communicating clearly to my horse Jet what I wanted from him. Jet is a 8 year old paint gelding who acts like a stallion; I could never stand next to him without being bitten.

    I asked Sandra to help me make grooming and haltering Jet safe again. Haltering Jet could take up to 5 minutes because he would try to bite me if I got near his head or neck. This caused a lot of tension between us.

    Sandra coached me to turn Jets behaviour around. Now I can halter Jet within a few seconds and… without being bitten! She taught me to find the positive moments in his behaviour and helped me to pinpoint the safer behaviours to reinforce and get more of. With Sandra’s help I changed Jets biting behaviour into safe behaviours.

    The best side effect is now that our communication is clear: I am greeted every day by a very happy and enthusiastic horse. The best thing of our video consults is that I all did it myself, with s
    support of Sandra. No instructor who diIngrid & Jet (Belgium, Europe)d the job for me, I did it all myself. Now I have the experience too, not only the theory.

    Before I started with the video consults I never thought I could make so much progression in just a few weeks. Thank you so much, Sandra. Without you our future might have not be so bright now. Cheers,

  2. I had a really empowering online coaching session from Sandra, helping me put my problems in perspective. Now my horse Iliana and I are really focusing on not grabbing for food wherever she goes, and with baby steps we are getting there. Lots of other things to train too, but one thing at a time I think. Thank you, Sandra, you are an inspiration!

  3. Really enjoyed my coaching session with Sandra today! She is a wealth of knowledge and is super easy to talk to. She really understood the issues I have been dealing with and offered up lots of very helpful suggestions to help me progress with both of my very different mares.

    I also very much appreciated the detailed follow up email that Sandra sent following our talk. If you are looking for guidance with positive reinforcement training I would HIGHLY recommend Sandra. I am very much looking forward to implementing her ideas into my training sessions.

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